WE both grew up surrounded by the very best magazines of our times and even though our childhood years covered two different decades (the 50s and the 60s) much of our early memories have to do with watching, page by page, those amazing pictures of people, events and facts from a myriad different places all over the world.
    It also seems that we were both very curious (wanted to go-there-and-see); growing up we liked to wake up early in the morning, to be out in the streets and to return home late at night on a regular basis. Our professional association began years later, when we met while working as photojournalists. It became apparent to both of us that the memories of those early days were very much a part of the ethics and aesthetics that had shaped our individual viewpoints: they gave us a shared outlook on the tangle of people, facts, and events -happe-ning simultaneously in a multitude of different places across the world- that together make up life as we know it.
    Over the years we have shown our work -either together or separately- in books, magazines, newspapers, art galleries and fairs, television stations, museums, catalogues, parties and other more unusual venues. If, on the one hand, we tend to deal with subjects that require traveling, much street walking and unfamiliar hotels (to wich one invariably returns late at night after a long shooting session), it is also true that we are very much involved with the enclosed, monkish solitude of the studio.  
Selfportrait, London 2006
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